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Plexr Plasma Treatments

Plexr Plasma Treatments

The Plexr Plasma Pen used at Wonder Wellness Spa is the First and Only MEDICAL PURE PLASMA GENERATOR and is FDA Cleared!

It truly transformed aesthetic surgery with its pain-free, non-invasive technique.

Plexr can be used to better treat many conditions as an alternative for various surgical procedures. Remove extra skin from your body with our Plexr or get a Carpet Ready Plexr Rock Star treatment or Glass Lift!

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Lose Stubborn Fat for Good?

The average Wonder 21 Wellness Spa client loses anywhere between 1” - 8” inches! With our Cryo Sculpt device, Red Light treatments and Carboxytherapy needless treatments, you can

Tighten And Tone Loose Skin

Reduce Cellulite

Increase Collagen And Elasticity

Get Same-Day Results

Wonder 21

Services And Treatments

Explore Wonder 21’s various painless and non-invasive weight loss and management treatments to say goodbye to stubborn fat for good. Close to your weight loss goal? Wonder 21 will get you the rest of the way with our treatments, such as our Body Contouring, Red Light Treatment and/ or Carboxytherapy needleless bundles.

Body Contouring

Wonder 21’s Body Contouring uses ultrasound to break up the fat cells and radio frequency to tighten skin after the fat has been broken up. That way, as the fat falls off, there won’t be any loose skin to worry about. Our Body Contouring treatment comes with a kit to use at home.

Lipo/B12 injections

Help you lose 2-4 inches per week, especially when coupled with Red Light therapy or Cryo-Sculpt Treatments. Contact us for a Free Consultation!

Fat Lipolysis

Sometimes, exercise can’t erase difficult pockets of fat. Wonder 21 provides the perfect solution with Fat Lipolysis. Our treatment uses serums applied with a pressure pen or needle injection using the Hyaluron pen. Say goodbye to difficult fat with Fat Lipolysis throught Wonder 21!

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6310 Stevens Forest Rd, Ste E. 1st Floor, Columbia MD 21046

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